Throw Away Month

So much for NaNoWriMo.  I have more personal issues to work through than I thought I did!  Plus, moving with a toddler is just not as easy as one might take for granted.  Whoops.

I need to find a way to make this new space “home.”  It’s weirding out my psyche.  I can’t focus, can’t keep on task, can’t seem to muster willpower or courage or productive notions.  (Or it could be the exhaustion and stress…maybe…)

Anyway!  On to writing of more pleasant things!

I have planned a new project for Facebook.  This has been something of a preoccupation for a year.  I’m ready to try something new, and this promises to be both entertaining and challenging.  The basic idea is this: I have no readers beyond my husband, and I need some.  Even if it’s only more family and close friends, I need to share my work with a greater variety of readers.  I need to be serious about my work, instead of timid and fearful of personal rejection.  Facebook, for all its ills and ails, is a perfect place to share and woman up.  I shall be releasing a series of short stories on my Facebook page, free for all who wish to read.  They will be futuristic, set on a New Earth, embodying beginnings, endings, triumphs and failures.  And for me, they will be Hard To Write.  I don’t do short.

Stay tuned for more details!