Writing Renaissance

At least, that’s what I hope to accomplish – a rebirth of my writing devotion, creativity, and imaginative play.
Because I want to be a published author.

Really, really, really.

My journey toward that goal went on hiatus when I went back to school, and stayed that way when I had my son.  But now school is almost over and my son has started indulging in these things called naps.  I am once again ready to put fingers to the keys, hindquarters to the chair, and return to my beloved imaginary worlds.

To…”help…” myself get back in the swing of things, I’m starting a project I’ve dubbed (somewhat boringly) Writer’s Eye View.  At the very least, it will force me to build the writing habit again.  What I hope it will become is a fun, insightful look inside my process, to show non-writers what it’s like and provide fellow would-be authors a resource for commiseration, empowerment, and camaraderie.

You can find me on Facebook at H. L. Henrikson and HL_Henrikson on Twitter!


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